Friday, September 15, 2006


I moved Perp into her big girl room last night. Dude sat up in the crib by himself (instead of me sitting him up). Big shakes chez Smacky. I'm a little freaked out by how fast this is all going. And, since I'm posting this like a week late, you can see that we've had another update since. Craaaaap.

Another night melded with the couch, reading fantastically funny and touching blogs and wishing that I had the nerve and the talent to do what some of these women do. Granted, some of them write for a living, so they have a lot more practice than I, but while I'm cranking posts out, they never seem particularly interesting or funny or touching or whatever it is that attacts me to the others.

Then, sometimes, I go back and read them and damned if I ain't kinda funny. Sometimes. But not touching. We don't go for that up here. Too many Finns. NO TOUCHING ALLOWED unless you're trying to have kids in which case I guess it's okay but don't enjoy it.

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