Monday, June 11, 2007


I complain. A lot. A whole lot. I know this. And I really do want to stop, because I hear myself and think, ""Who the hell wants to be around you, skeedge?" So when I heard about this, I thought to myself, "Self? Don't you think this would be a good thing to try?" And the answer, apparently, was yes. So I have my bracelet on even as we speak.

I expect it will take me a month of Sundays to get to 21 days. And that's okay. At least I'm giving it a shot, kwim? But the big question arises: what, exactly, is complaining? Is telling Perp (for the 52,495th time) to take off her shoes before she comes in the house, is that complaining? Of course me ranting about the goddamned dog burying her freaking toy at the base of my passionflower and killing it just as it was about to go into extravagant bloom is complaining, but I don't know many people who would hold it against me. But it still counts so I'm glad it happened yesterday.

So. Watch this space for complaint-free blogging!

As if.

PS, what, to you, constitutes complaining?


Devan said...

Complaining is bitching at Dh to take out the trash - AGAIN! It is not complaining if you ask him nicely. I think a lot of it has to do with tone.
Nagging at the kids or dh to do whatever or STOP doing whatever.
Bitching about the way someone is driving, cooking, waiting on you, etc.

Not complaining would be hard indeed. I wish you luck!

Keri said...

not complain? what a horrible way to live! (j/k)

FWIW, I think a little complaining is ok - you are honoring your feelings!

The three of us + one said...

I like the idea... but I'm not going for it.

Today for example I need to call the tollway people because the suspension notice that they sent here was printed onthe 7th but didn't arrive until today the 15th. Problem being they said that they were suspending our service on the 14th unless we pay up. So does ringing them to complain count as a complaint or as constructive criticism of their customer *cough* service.

The other reason that there's no way I'd start now is that I'm sure to be complaining nightly about the backaches and the heartburn and how tired I am lugging this baby about inside me.