Monday, June 07, 2004

Beware the boobage

I was at the grocery store today, and had Perp in her plastic tub in the shopping cart (whoever designed those pop-put carseat/base systems deserves a Nobel prize). She got fussy and seemed hungry, so I took her out and proceeded to nurse her, as I always do, whenever and wherever necessary. The woman ahead of me in line had been chatting away quite pleasantly, but as soon as she realized what I was about to do, she turned away and concentrated on reading the ingredient list of all her items. What is it about breastfeeding that freaks so many people out?

No one blinks when a mother whips out a bottle to quiet a crying child, so why, when I can do it discreetly AND it shuts Perp up quite nicely, is it so horrifying for me to feed her? Note: I've had several people come up to admire her, only to realize after they tried to pry her head off my breast, that she was eating, so it's not like I show 'em off to the world. Those days are over, sorry. You should've known me when I was 22.

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