Friday, July 07, 2006

Bay City Roller

Remember way back on April 29th when I said the dude was rolling front to back? Yeah, that was it. He hasn't done it since. He's all over rolling back to front, even doing it in his sleep. But rolling back from his tummy? No, thanks. I'm fine right here. I'll just lie here and freak the fuck out sigh.

Because I'm a full-fledged member of LaBIA (Lazy-ass Bitch International Association-- ooh, can't wait to see the google references from that one!), I don't have any of Perp's milestones recorded unless I happened to snap a picture or a movie, in which case there's a date on it. But sitting up? Meh, maybe 6 months? Five? First tooth was 4-5 months so I expect the dude to pop one out anyday now. I know she walked at 10. I know she moved out of our bed around 11 months. I shouldn't feel bad; after all, there's no baby book for me and I don't feel bad about it. I guess it's just nice to have the information so that when either of them asks me, "When did I do A, B, C?" I can go to my handy reference and say, "X, Y Z!" It's really so I don't have to say, "Uhhhhhh..."

Maybe it's the scrapbooking nazis who have me feeling guilty. I do love seeing those pretty books with all the nice pages, but it's just not my thing. I'd happily pay someone to do it for me.

Did you ever hear the This American Life show about the woman who wanted to document every. single day. of her daughter's life? Seriously, now. That'd be like a half-time job, taking the pictures, uploading, printing, cropping, journaling (how I hate the verbing of America, but that's another rant for another day). Anyway, it's at This American Life 7/25/03, Act Two.

How we love the archives! It's too bad I suck at creating them.

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Devan said...

That lady has some serious time on her hands. I reward myself greatly for getting the prints into an album in some semblance of order. I would miss half his life trying to create a scrapbook like that!!