Saturday, August 12, 2006

Uncle Brother

Once again, the US government is sticking its fat nose where it doesn't belong. If you have *any* livestock, poultry, waterfowl, or farm any kind of animal, and you haven't seen this, you may want to take a look at this so you know when to start freaking out.

Of course, the government does a lot of good for a lot of people, and I'm the last person to deny that, but if you're a small stake-holder and only raise animals, say, for your own enjoyment or dinner, this is going to affect you. Big time. Maybe not this year, maybe not even in the next couple, but if the "voluntary" aspect of the program is repealed, your ability to rais a piggy for your freezer is going to change entirely. You won't be able to bring it onto your property, take it to a vet, take it to the slaugterhouse or butcher, or even to a show, without the government knowing. For the more paranoid amongst us, that also means they know where YOU are, at least for a while.

Pets are also on the list apparently. You ready to RFID your puppy and kitty? There's legislation pending that states if your cat or dog has babies, guess what? You're a pet dealer now and have to register as such!

How this isn't a massive invasion of privacy is beyond me. Even religious exemption may not be allowed, which has to violate some kind of clause in the Constitution. Hey, whaddya know, Wisconsin *already* requires we register our premises. Oops.

Keep your eyes peeled for local legislation. Whether you have livestock or companion animals, this is going to affect you.


Devan said...

That's crazy!! If I want a chicken for my morning eggs, I have to pay a fee?! Ridiculous.
THey'd have to come find my chicken first.

Northwoods Baby said...

No, no fee, but you have to tell them where you live. And later, if it all passes, you have to register *each and every* animal. Large-scale producers? They get one number for their whole herd. Hm. That seems unfair.

I dunno, I understand the need to track animals who move into the commercial food chain, but mine are only going to move into my freezer.


Devan said...

hmph, well I wouldn't want to tell them where me and my chicken live either. :)

The whole thing sounds a little weird to me.