Monday, January 08, 2007


While it's lovely of you to offer a three-month rental for women who need to pump for their NICU babies, there are even more of us out here who need to pump for our term babies. Some of us work. Some of us would like to, you know, have a baby-free day so we can shop, clean, or even (gasp) sleep. Some of us have babies who don't latch well or have physical limitations that don't allow them to nurse effectively or at all. Some of us even have psychological histories that leave us unable to breastfeed but we still want the best for our babies.

I can't quite understand why you feel that, what? 80-90% of breastfeeding women? shouldn't have easier access to quality breast pumps. And I'm not talking about crapass manual ones that take 20 minutes to squeeze out an ounce or two. I'm talking about electric pumps. Ameda. Medela. Avent. You know, the ones you used to cover. Maybe you'd prefer infants of working mothers have formula instead. Are you getting a kick-back from Mead Johnson or something?

I guess I'll keep limping along with my broken-down mule of a pump, and consider myself lucky that I even have that option.

Oh, and fuck you very much,


Jenn T said...

Amen! I've fought that battle and lost. :(

jen said...

yup! ugh. my ins co has been buckling down lately, is it open enrollment or what?? They also dropped my OB and changed my blood lab to the cruddy one in the bad part of town. Yay me.

Targetgirl said...

Yeah, my insurance when Hoagie was born wouldn't approve a breast pump. And he was 5 weeks early! The nurse in charge was shocked they wouldn't approve a breast pump for a preemie. Fucking assholes.

bluegrammargirl said...

Want to google bomb them? That's ridiculous. There's a definite line crossed when the big company gets to decide what moms should get to decide!