Monday, April 02, 2007

Car hell -now with photos!-

Last week: to dealer about battery that keeps crapping out on me and tire that keeps losing air.
"Have a seat, it'll be about an hour."
*trot off to waiting area. Surf on handy free intermanet.*
"Nothing wrong, see ya. Take the tire to Firestone, they're the only ones who can fix it."
*trot off to Firestone*
"Come back in two days and we can fix it or replace them. Lucky you, you have an extended warranty because the production run of these tires was for shite. But first go to the dealership so they can register the bad tires and do the warranty paperwork, then bring it back here."
*trot home. Two days later, go back to the dealership, and then Firestone*
"Hey, I smell a mouse, can you take a look while you've got it in the back?"
"Sure. It'll be 2-3 hours, we'll call you when it's done. Go to B&N and read."
*trot off to B&N to read*
Five hours later, "Yeah, we're almost done, we can pick you up in 15-30 minutes. Wait outside."
Wait outside. Cold. Wet. Windy.
Back to dealership to finish paperwork for warranty. "We don't smell a mouse."
"Huh. I could swear I ... Whatever. Kthxbye."
Today: coffee with a friend; notice car doesn't seem to have quite the power it should when passing on the bridge. After coffee, notice check engine and VSC lights are on. Call Husband: "Better take it in. It's under warranty." Agree, noting am already on the way.
*trot back to dealership* Notice that with gas pedal to the floor, car only makes it to about 30 mph with much effort on car's part. Hm. "Say. I think there's something wrong with my car." Explain 30 mph issue.
"I'll plug it into the computer." Gets computer, comes back. Repeat weirdness about speed/how car felt like it wanted to die climbing hill to dealership. "Oh. We can't use the computer for that. Go sit. We'll have a mechanic check it out."
*trot off to waiting room. Again. Entertain Dude for an hour. Ah yes, forgot to mention presence of 1 year old.*
"Yeah. Um. You have a GIANT mouse nest in your engine. (HA! -ed.) It ate through the wires which is why you can't go fast. Safety mode. Must replace wiring and [some part I can't remember]. Come look!"
Observe large quantity of insulation, grass, leaves, behind engine in location necessitating removal of many large parts. Of course.

Further notice nearly intact bird wing. Decorative touch?

"Good thing it's still under warranty! Tee hee."
"Yeah. Not for this kind of thing. Say, give us 4-5 hours and we'll fix it!"
"Fuuuuuuuuuuuck." I have a toddler what needs a nap and entertainment. "Drive me to Husband's office and I'll take his car home."
"It's a deal!"
*trot to Husband's office, take his car home, weep on couch over impending repair bill and having to move pig of a carseat back into my car. Post my woeful story for all (some) to read and commiserate*

Hop to it!


Devan said...

oh man. That sounds really, really crappy.
Dumbass mechanic can't see a huge mouse nest?! WTH?
The crappiest part is all the waiting with a one year old. Fun, fun...

Bittermama said...

Ohdeargod. That sounds awful.

Darren said...

Ooohhh Suckarooney

'splains why you've been so busy lately... missed you.

Darren said...

Huh... interesting... blog has done dsomething to my account... you know me... Darker!

jen said...

Times like this, standing around looking under the hood even though you don't know what you're doing, might pay off!

I had a mouse in my car. It did lots of damage to the upholstery padding, chewed a couple seatbelts, peed all over my dahsboard, left poop and bird seed EVERYWHERE including in my kids' car seats, ate the stroller that was in the trunk. Also, when you take turns, you can hear the bird seed rattle from one side of the roof to the other!

When I took it in for routine maintenance the guy came back and brought me my air filter, which was quite literally FULL of bird seed and stuffing and other nesting items. I wish I had my camera so I could have taken a picture of it!

Lesson learned: drive the car more often, and don't let your husband keep bird seed in the garage.