Saturday, April 28, 2007

In which my stupidity continues to astound me

So. Today. Carlton swap. For those of you who don't know what that is (all but about 5, I'm guessing), it's this farmy free-for-all at which you can buy (as I recall): goats; pigs; chickens; ducks; geese; pigeons; peafowl; guineas; cattle; horses and ponies; llamas and alpacas; puppies and kittens. Also, baked goods, seedlings, and various random crap.

I showed up with a tarp spread out in the wayback, three large cages, and $200 cash. Safer that way, really.

Did you know that you can fit 9 chickens, two goats, and a pig in the back of a minivan? You can! My poor car will never be the same. Husband reminds me: and a bale of hay!

Here's why I'm an idiot: I was so wound up by the crowds of people I had to drive through/past, a freaked out Dude in his baby containment device Catherine wheel car seat, and oodles of caffeine on an empty stomach that I forgot to ask what the babies have been eating, whether they've been vaccinated, at what age they were neutered, etc. Dog help me. So cross all available digits that I'm not going to fuck up their rumens in a fatal kind of way, eh?

The pig? Same thing. But I think they're a bit more elastic when it comes to eating so I'm not as freaked out. But I do have to figure out if she's been vaccinated yet so I don't go doubling up on anything.

Hey, if you have any experience with the pigs or the goats, drop me a line, huh?

Also, if you have some name ideas for the kids (ha! kids! It's funny because it's true), we're still looking. I kind of like Adam and Steve because I'm all subversive & shit. Husband offered Stan and Kyle which I find pretty amusing. Right now they're just the boys.

I'll post pictures when I shoot some without naked chirrun in the frame. What IS it with babies and nakey butt, anyway?

Oh, also? I think that we officially qualify as a farm, so we gots to name it. If we had the appropriate geographical, er, apparatus, I'd call it Moot Point.

As you were.


Targetgirl said...

Um, did you really buy 2 goats, a pig and an assortment of chickens? What are you going to do with the pig and goats? Isn't your pig going to get HUGE?

This is certainly not a post I was expecting to read. You made my day! I will very much enjoy reading Moot Point progress. Hee hee!

Northwoods Baby said...

Two goats. Nine chickens. And a pig. A pig.

I hate the pig already and will feel no. remorse. whatsoever when her time comes.

I'm calling her Breakfast.

Also, the ducklings and chicks in the garage from last week. Two chicks down but that's pretty much to be expected. More Tuesday, also guineas. They eat ticks. We love guineas.

BossMare said...

I love 'Moot Point' for a farm name. I wish I'd have thought of that one. Our farm is: Flatbroke Farms.

Oh so appropriate.