Monday, May 07, 2007

Further cementing her place as "animal least likely to live until spring."

The pig? She ate one of my ducklings. It is official: I will feel no remorse when she gets offed. But I will feel sated when I eat a large portion of her ass.


Kristin said...

I cannot believe you bought ducklings. They seem like a lot of mess and ducks can get fierce. Apparently so can pigs.

Northwoods Baby said...

Meh, ducks aren't bad. Geese? Eeeeevil.

If history is any guide, the ducks won't be around to see the pig bite it. Woe.

Devan said...

Oh my.

Poor ducky

Targetgirl said...

I had no idea a pig would do that. Why? Why did she eat the duckling? I am so out of the livestock loop.