Tuesday, March 21, 2006


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Today is Perp's second birthday. How the hell did that happen? Last thing I remember, she was this teeny little lump attatched to my teat 24/7. Now she's this teeny little toddler attached to my teat a bit less but not by much.

I've been seeing a lot of posts at CM about whether or not the poster's child is delayed or not, and inevitably the responses are along the lines of, "Every child is different and you should trust your instincts about it. If you think you need intervention, then you probably do."

I never thought Perp needed intervention, but I was a little surpised by her language lagging as it was. Then again, she's got mad manual dexterity skillz, so I kind of figured that she was concentrating her efforts on that instead of language.

Then came The Explosion. Seriously, she's adding like a word or two a day. Sure, only I understand them ("Bunnng!" means balloon, for cute example). I noticed, as well, that she's a total klutz now and falls down many, many times a day, so I guess the physical advances are on the wane.

Along with Perp's birthday, today is AMP's 18th day On The Outside. He seems to be okay with it, for the most part. I've got him snugged up in my no-sew wrap and he's sleeping like he went out last night and tied one on. I can't get over how much he sleeps, compared to his big sister. She was the mistress of the 20-minute nap. This one, he's either asleep or eating, basically. Okay, so he wakes up and makes his constipated old man/baby goat noises at 4:30 a.m. Every. Fucking. Day. but if that's the worst he has to offer, I can only say: Bring It.

Oh, it's broughten.

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