Tuesday, March 28, 2006

SnotFest II, The Sequel

Yeah, so both kids are producing amazing quantities of unnervingly green snot, none of which is easily vacated. Sure, the bulb aspirator helps, but what it's mostly doing now is getting the leading edge of snot just to the entrance of their noses, then crapping out. It's like the stuff is attatched to a tendon or something. Argh!

NB: Broccoli + breasfed newborn = HELL. I made Husband go to the co-op and get a ($13) bottle of gripe water in my desperation. Lo and behold, either the timing was perfect or that shit works, 'cause AMP finally shut down around 7 or so and slept, get this, until 6:30 this morning. !! I had to wake him up a few times to nurse and to snorkle out his nose, but aside from that, he did some heaving lifting, sleepwise. Good baby! Oh, look, Perp just sneezed a giant gobber of snot onto her sleeve. Perhaps giving her yogurt every morning is a bad idea right now...

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