Sunday, February 18, 2007

Elimination procrastination

I finally went to my midwife to plan out an elimination diet for me and the Dude. I took both kids in for RAST draws and they both came back entirely negative (at least for the things we though of). Yet I was still sure that there was a dietary component, especially since Dude's skin got so much worse after I got the greenlight from the allergist and stopped monitoring what he ate.

Now, on day 4 of a fairly extensive elimination diet, I can already see a difference in his skin. Crazy! His cheeks, which always had a weird, rosy color that should have been cute but wasn't, have cleared up and are nearly blemish free. The weird scaliness on his torso is almost gone. His legs are still sketchy and he hasn't lost the antecubital eczematous patches but even they seem to be a little better. I suppose the primary culprit is wheat. It's too soon for me to be rid of any dairy, I think. I haven't had much with eggs in it, and no actual whole eggs for several weeks. Peanut butter? Probably a few weeks ago.

I was pretty sure wheat was a prblem from early on but I never thought to cut it out of MY diet, so when I took it out of his and didn't see a difference, I shrugged and gave him a cracker. sigh

Stay tuned for updates as they come up.

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nessa said...

we're going through similar. i need to make an appointment with our allergist for the RAST.

I've been toying with the elim diet for over a year now, but things weren't really bad until the last couple of months. how safe is the elimination diet while pregnant? how much milk/colostrum is she actually getting at this point is the other consideration. Should I just put HER on an elim diet? Oy. I didn't even think about asking my MW. I should do that.