Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Go Navy

I'm rather pleased to see that someone is visiting from San Diego. How's the weather? I'd like a box of See's, please. Dark. Two pounds. Thanks!

I often wonder about various employers' rules on using their computers for personal purposes. I'm pretty sure that my last job changed theirs after several people in my department got screwed ass raped spanked. ahem.

I kind of figure if the job is getting done, then letting an employee waste a little time isn't a problem. In fact, I suspect that letting them do so is wise. But I don't have workers so I could be talking out my ass. <---- yeah, that one.

Anyway, hi! Hello! Welcome aboard!

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Swistle said...

It seems inevitable to me that employees are going to waste at least a LITTLE time, and I'd think employers would prefer the time-wasting to be of a reading/writing nature rather than of a porn/games nature. I think they're just mad because online goofing is harder to catch the employees doing.