Sunday, October 29, 2006

Setting myself up for failure

I'm going to attempt to complete BOTH NaNoWriMo and NaNoPoMo this year. Being one who prefers to fail in spectacular manner, I figure this is the best way to accomplish my goal.

So, ideally, you'll see me about every day for THIRTY.WHOLE.DAYS. AND! I'm totally insane and have signed up for Fly Lady. Which I hate. But dammit if my house isn't cleaner.

So. Yeah. Now that I've put my mental illness on display, I'm off for some snax.


nessa said...


a. you are crazy (which is why i love you - and i think i dreamed (dreamt?) about you last night. not sexily, though. sorry.)

b. i hate flylady. hate hate hate. i hate it so much that i would just get mad when i saw the emails and then not clean my house just to spite her.

c. i am also crazy. (but that's okay because:uhna see a).

Northwoods Baby said...

I know. I hate her. HATE. HER. But! Seriously, you should see my house. I know it's pathetic to require endless (ENDLESS) emails from some obnoxiously chipper cyber chick, but I'm trying to go with what works. I hasten to add that I am NOT wearing lace-up shoes or makeup.

But I did do my hair.

Devan said...

he! I finally ditched the flylady because she made me feel guilty for not putting on my shoes or shining my sink. (hey if the dishes are in the washer, that's all that matters!)
So, I hope you can stick with it better than me because a clean house is nice. I just spent the morning cleaning after putting it off far too long. (toilets have a way of shouting CLEAN ME, when your head is in it. TY m/s.)

2 - love that you'll be here every day. HA! There's no way to escape now!

kristin said...

Is your sink shine-able? I mean isn't it white? (I really can't remember).

Lindy said...

lace-up shoes: check (but only because I've had to take the baby on a verrrrrry fast and bouncy walk 3-4 times a day to get her to sleep or at least stop screeching

hair: um, I put it in a ponytail, which totally counts in my book

make-up: ha!

I keep planning to cancel my fly lady subscription, but it feels like quitting. And when I did keep up with it, my house looked great. I do at least try to get to the laundry and dishes a little each day. Not very successfully.

Good luck!

Northwoods Baby said...

Hair: chopped off, so that's done.
Shoes: not in the house.
Bab: in the Ergo, holy God, how we love the Ergo.

My sink is stainless thankyouverymuch. And HUUUUUGE. You can place (because I can't decide if it's lay or lie) a cookie sheet flat in my sink. With plenty of room for a smaller pan. I want to marry my sink, I love it that much. But I totally don't shine it. I just wash the food bits down the drain (bad for the septic but whaddya gonna do) and call it a day.

Nessa, you totally want me. You hussy.