Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yeah, I know

I'm a slacker. But my house is cleaner! We head to Las Vegas Friday (drive to the Twin Shitties Thursday night) so I'll be gone (again) for a few days. But I'll have fun for you!

Crap I totally spaced on the last episode of Jericho. Our TiVo is on the fritz and uber geeks have it so they can pretend to fix it but I don't see them sending it back in working condition. That means I'll probably have to try fixing it myself and I cannot tell you how much that pisses me off, given that we paid for the fucking extended warrantee. But since they don't make the Humax DVD-R anymore, they can't replace it with an equal unit, at least in my opinion. So. If you've ever replaced the drive in your TiVo, let me know how it went. I'm pretty sure that's what the problem is.

1 comment:

Devan said...

OMG! Not TiVo!!
No wonder you've been gone, you've been in mourning...