Monday, October 30, 2006

TiVo update

I.HATE.BEST.BUY. They've had the TiVo for THREE WEEKS. They've known it wasn't fixable (it is, they just won't DO it) for TWO weeks. Hello, that item on the desk, that ... phone thing? USE IT, fucker.

In addition, since Humax doesn't make our unit anymore, we can't have it replaced. They will give us a new unit and a DVD burner, but I don't know if it's worth the hassle to have two more things that can (will) break on us. So I'm going to lobby for a new dual-tuner with a bigger drive. Then we can use the network to move shows to the laptop and burn those. I think.

Bah. I may still try to put a new drive in it and see if it works, which I'm fairly sure it will.

It's funny, before we had the service, we knew watching tv sucked, but we didn't realize it was because you couldn't pause, fast forward, and rewind the shows. Watching sans TiVo has sucked beyond measure. I want the busted one back just so we can stop the shows for potty breaks. I am become my own worst nightmare.


Devan said...

we've had TiVo for a little over a year and if our house was on fire I'd grab the kid and the TiVo box. (what? D & the dog can walk!!)

Seriously, I cannot. live. without. it!
I really hope you get yours fixed soon.

nessa said...

We've had TiVo for almost 5yrs (Dave's had it longer)... It is probably one of the most useful inventions of the last decade or two. LOL When we visit relatives and watch TV at their house, it's like traveling back in time. Heh.

Dear Best Buy: SUCK IT!