Monday, April 24, 2006

The Blogosphere and The Girl

Perp is in love with Alison Krauss. I can hardly blame her, since Krauss is, in fact, a goddess. I've got a bunch of Krauss and Union Station on my iPod and Perp asks to hear it a lot. She's taken to signing "girl" for some reason. So when Krauss and Union Station were on Austin City Limits this week, I saved it on TiVo and we watch it at least once a day.

She also loves Thomas the Tank Engine ("Pa-moose, pease?"). I am utterly freaked out by Pa-moose. Why do none of the characters' faces move, aside from their creepy, rolly eyes? Why do none of the people move at all? And then there's the narrator... .

Children's television is, shall we say, a wasteland for the most part. I offer exceptions for Mr. Rogers (of course, Jack's Big Music Show, and, though it isn't made for television, Signing Time. Television taught Perp her alphabet. With no help from me, she now recognizes almost all the letters. Thanks, Signing Time! Yes, she watches enough tv on a daily basis to have learned something that complicated. I was probably surfing. *sigh*

I'm sure I spend more time online than is healthy. I suspect this is a hazard of the blogging business (as if! I've been doing this a week, that hardly qualifies as bidness). What with doing my own posting, and reading through my favorites list, it's easy to spend several hours a day just glued to the little screen in my lap. It's also monumentally depressing. I see, on a revoltingly regular basis, some of the best writing around. I suppose that much of that comes from writing on a daily basis, which I think is essential to improving your chops. But most of it, I think, is innate skill and enough brain power to dredge up the necessary vocabulary to communicate with people what can read. Alas, it seems that with every child I deliver, I also give up a section of my brain. Maybe it'll grow back, maybe it won't. But I'll try to keep on ... see, I can't even come up with the word I want. Fuuuuck. Stupid babies. Stupid whatever the word is for not having the word you want...

If you need me, I'll be in the dictionary.

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Devan said...

HAH! Don't sell yourself short. You have quite a way with words. :)
I hear you on losing part of your brain when you have a child though. I couldn't even figure out a simple percentage yesterday. Math has never been my strong suite, but nevertheless it was quite the rude awakening!