Tuesday, April 25, 2006


AMP is totally practicing for his Rockettes tryouts. He's got a high-kick that will blow your mind.

It's funny how fast the stages pass. For the first 6 weeks, he did this uncanny baby goat imitation, bleating away when he was hungry or upset. He also did a mean Joe Cocker but that's being replaced by a pretty decent Buddy Hackett. I remember the Joe Cocker stage with Perp but not Buddy, at least I don't think so.

Perp is in a weird place where we'll put her down for her nap or bedtime, and she'll be perfectly happy, saying bye-bye or night-night, then as soon as our asses hit the couch, she goes ballistic. I'm giving her one go-back to see if she's dropped one of her toys (detailed list to follow) or needs a hug. It's generally enough but I wish she'd just get her shit together when we're in the room at the start of bedtime.

I figure it's a phase; pretty big shakeup with AMP's arrival, occasional night at the ILs', etc. They seem to have a lot of phases, these kids.

Things In Perp's Crib:

One (1) woven cotton blanket
One (1) fleece blanket with flowers
One (1) fleece blanket with stars
One (1) flannel blanket
One (1) quilt

Baby Faces
Goodnight Moon
Baby Words
I'm a Big Sister

Articles of Clothing (on a rotating basis):
Pink hiking boots
Green frog boots
Pink rain boots
Pink sunglasses
Purple slippers

Cow puzzle piece (wha-?)
Old out-of-service cell phone to call Daddy
Silk scarf
Doggiepants (stuffed)
KittyHat (stuffed)
Cordelia (stuffed)
Tucker (stuffed)

It's a wonder she can fit.

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Devan said...

wow - she is quite the collecter!