Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Time to hit the gym

Seriously, people. Perp just woke up from her nap. She's still nursing a few times a day, and I guess she had a bad dream or something because she wanted a hit as soon as she woke up. I was lying on our bed and she pointed to my stomach and said, "Na-na?" When you gots wicked bad muffin top, bad enough that your child thinks you've magically sprouted a new, more southerly set of breasts, it's probably time to put the cookies down and pick up some weights. Doncha think? oh god how i hate to exercise maybe i'll just stop eating and hope it all goes away

I've been really lucky with both kids in that I pee off like 95% of my pregnancy weight. Seriously, 25 lb of piss. That's what, 2.5 gallons or so? Impressive kidneys I've got, what?

What I'm stuck with, here, is about 5 pounds from Perp, nursing fat, and your typical flabby post partum belly. So I'm not bitching about the extra weight; I can fit into my jeans and I know better than to push my luck. What I hate is the sag. Well, duh, I had a nine-pound person in my abdomen, things are going to be a little ... loose ... for a while. But because the weight goes so fast, I tend to expect my skin to go back to normal just as quickly. Not so fast, Grasshopper. When I bend over to, say, turn on the shower or pick up the baby, I have a pouch that hangs down. It's demoralizing. It didn't completely resolve after I had Perp, so I expect it will be worse now. Yet I can't pump myself up to *do* anything about it because I am terminally lazy and would rather just come here and bitch.

Hey, Self: Do a fucking sit-up, why don't you?



nessa said...

I *so* feel you. My uncle calls them my "wrinkles." heh.

Devan said...

Oh My Goodness - I can feel your pain big time. I have a highly unattractive baby pouch myself. Plus at least 15 (ok maybe 20) pounds I could easily lose. Man- being terminally lazy sucks.
I should do something about that, but I probably won't.