Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's sprung!

Spring, that is. Has sprung. Yesterday: April 11, 2006, 70 degrees. IN NORTHERN WISCONSIN! Yes! Wisconsin! Seventy degrees! Plus? We had a thunderstorm.

I don't know about you, but I have a thing about thunderstorms. I love them. Adore them, even. I love how it gets dark as night, how the feel of the air changes as the storm approaches, and the smell of it. There's also the thunder. That's the best part. Is it going to roll over the house like a giant wave? Crack suddenly as if someone were snapping a giant whip over us? Swell and fall in the distance like the tide? You just never know. It's like storms have a personality and you only get to see it emerge as it approaches. Kind of like a baby.

We're seeing AMP's personality emerging a little bit day by day. Last night I discovered, much to his relief, I'm sure, that by about 6 o'clock, he needs a period of total and absolute silence to wind down from his busy day of sleeping, farting, and eating. Every other day, you can throw pooping into the mix. I had my suspicions on Monday, when I had the radio on and the Roomba going (I love you, Robot!), and he was fussing something awful. I turned off the radio and he calmed down quite a bit, so I took a flier and turned off Robot. Aha! Calm descends.

My biggest clue that he's about to melt down is that when he nurses, he keeps popping off and on like there's nothing in there. I know this is not so. Hell, I got 5 ounces out of the right breast yesterday, and if the pump pulls that much, he can sure as hell get more. So it's not a supply issue. But you turn off the background noise and it's like you've clubbed him over the head.

He also sleeps much better if I swaddle him. Not that he isn't a good sleeper, we've been blessed that way. But he's so ... loud otherwise. He snuffles, wheezes, grunts, moans, and even giggles in his sleep. But if you swaddle him, silence reins. So you can be damn sure I swaddle.

Nice baby.

Also a big baby. He's two weeks older than EBB here, and I'd put him at about 4.5 lb heavier.
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Power to the babies!

Last night was moms night out with the Meetup group. I think we had eight members show up, which is a HUGE turnout for us. Spring/summer tend to be bigger turnouts, so I'm hoping for better showings in the next few months.

I talked too much and too animatedly, as usual, but hey, that's me, get used to it. I guess if people had that much of a problem with it they'd bug the hell out of the group, right?


No babies were harmed or posed in the making of this post.


nessa said...

Cute!!! Oh man, I have got the baby fever BAD! L turns one next Sunday... It's time, right? LOL

Also, I love that you have a roomba.

Devan said...

What a little (big!) cutie! I've got the baby fever myself. :)
Gotta love the mom's night out meetups.
A couple of hours of sanity!

PS- found your blog from cmoms:) I'm Devan there too, as that's my name. lol