Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen!

My in-laws have just returned from a 10-day visit to their daughter, who had a baby a few weeks after AMP was born. Hi, SIL!

I knew Perp missed them because she'd ask to go visit on a pretty regular basis, but she seemed okay with it when I explained that they weren't home but we'd see them soon. They called from the road today and I asked if they'd like to come over for dinner. As they were tooling up the drive I asked Perp the standard "Grandma and/or Grandpa is here" question: "Who's here?!"

Okay, so I knew she'd be excited to see them. And I knew that it would be cute to see her reaction. I only wish I'd thought to film it. I'm willing to wager she was actually incontinent with joy. Such shrieking and hopping about was never before seen chez nous. My eardrums are still vibrating, in fact. She busted out a few of her new words (see what I do now, I talk!) Then she just about passed out in her high chair after dinner. It's hard work freaking out on that high a level.

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nessa said...

delurking to tell you to get out of my brain!

i've had that g&s song in my head for a full week now.

-- now to answer the question that no doubt follows this delurkation --

i found your blog off a link from your cmoms sig. i'm ronessa there (um, and in real life too because i'm totally unoriginal).