Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Enough with the cuteness!

Exhibit A: The day before yesterday, The Dude and I were hanging out on the bed having nakey baby time. Okay, for the pedants, it was dipey baby time, I'm not INSANE. Perp was bouncing around on the bed (Husband thinks it's cute, I think. I think it's potentially dangerous and bad for my side of the bed which is the only side that seems to leak --air mattress adjustable dealies, very comfy but exasperating my god this is a convoluted aside. It's also a good way to smash the baby, and I'm sort of on the Against It side.

So. Perp is upset because I told her no jumping and made her sit down. She noted, with some interest, AMP's teeny little baby nipples. She poked at them for a second, looked at me, and said, "Na-na?" Yes, I said, baby has na-na, too.

She looked and poked again and --wait for it-- leaned over to try and nurse! On a baby! On a boy baby! It was too fucking cute for words! I can't stop!

Exhibit B: The Dude has started talking. Unfortunately, none of us speak Baby, so we try to follow along as best we can. The other day he actually said "A-goo!" You know, that archetypal baby noise that adults always try to make but can't? It's limited to toothless poop bags, apparently. My ovaries are all a-twitter over it. He also does that cute back-of-the-throat gurgle and every once in a while grants me one more baby goat.

Exhibit C: The language explosion. As some of you know, Perp's been in the middle of one for a few weeks now, and I was keeping track of her daily progress for a while. It's gotten to the point that I can't keep up anymore without a transcriptionist on duty (oddly enough, my last job, but I can't type and diaper at the same time, so there you are).

I have, however, made note of a few favorites:
Blanket has gone from bank to wank.
The letter W is duggayouyouyouyou
Pillow = papoo
Thomas (the tank engine) is Pa-Moose Choo-choo

More as they pop up.


Dyke One said...

Did you get a picture of Exhibit A?

Cuz that would make some good bribing later in life...

Devan said...

oh man. I think I have sugar overload from all the sweetness!!

Seriously - that is all too cute, but the na-na; that is just downright hilarious!

nessa said...

awwwwww. too cute.

question: when did P come up with a name for nursing? Lily is 12.5m and she'll sign "milk" or she'll come over and start pulling up my shirt, but she doesn't call it anything. she also refuses to call me mama (or anything). whereas daddy is daddadadadaddada. such grattitude, i tell ya.

Northwoods Baby said...

ooh, I want to say maybe 15-18 months. Bad Mama: I didn't write any of this stuff down. Suck! If I'd had my shit together and posted here when I started my other blog, I'd have it all to look back on. But no. I am a lazy slut.

nessa said...

worry not about the laziness.

here's a good one: dave's cousin made us this GORGEOUS scrap book for Lily's first year. All I have to do is put pictures in it. Have I so much as put ONE picture in yet? no, no i have not.

also, lily doesn't have a baby book. i have a 'sticky' file on my desktop with her height & weight at each appt and then i just blog about milestones, approx when they happen.