Sunday, May 07, 2006

Too many thoughts

Things on my mind today:

I'm reading The Mask of Motherhood and it's pissing me off.

I watch too much TV. Some of it Really Good: Sopranos; Big Love; Deadwood. Some of it beyond terrible: American Idol; Plastic Surgery Disasters (okay, anything on the surgery channel). Some of it just plain pisses me off: Babies: Special Delivery; Birth Day.

I don't buy into the Mommy Wars theory that the media promulgates. Why should I care if another woman chooses or needs to work outside the home? Why should they care if I choose to or can stay home?

What is that sticky shit sprayed all over the kitchen floor and why wasn't it cleaned up?

How long before Perp catches up on the sleep she lost while the fam-damn-ily was in town and while I was visiting my mom in St. Paul? 'Cause seriously, she's making me IN.SANE.

1 comment:

Dyke One said...

PERP will never catch up on lost sleep.

sleep lost is gone forever.

you can, however, hope that she will reach a "new normal."

and really, with two under two in the house, was there an "old normal"??