Saturday, May 06, 2006

Seriously, people

I have GOT to start exercising. What to do, what to do? Pilates? Yoga? Some fucked up machine-based program at the Y, since we pay for a membership but don't use it?

I like the idea of Pilates, and yoga, actually (I keep typing yoda), but it has to be on a DVD because the only available classes are at 7 am or 7 pm and the 7 am doesn't have daycare and the 7 pm is at 7 pm.

Watching Trainspotting as I type. Ewan McGregor is H.O.T. He managed to lose 30 pounds for this role. I don't need to lose 30 pounds, so really I should be able to pul this off. I mean, his job is to lose the weight for the part, and that gives him a lot more incentive. Plus, he probably had a trainer and someone to advise him on food.

Actually, that's a whole new rant I haven't gotten into yet. Women (primarily, I'm sure some men do, too) spend all this time looking at movie stars and wishing they could look like that, forgetting that it's the stars' JOB to look that way. So they spend HOURS every day working out, hire cooks, trainers, and probably people who scream obscenities at them if they so much as look at a fudgesicle. I don't doubt that they participate in a bit of pharmaceutical assistance as well, but maybe I'm cynical.

So I have 5-10 lb I'd like to lose, or barring that, a flabby gut I'd like to tone. I'd be more than happy to keep the weight if I could just tighten things up. I have ... muffin top. Probably from eating too fucking many MUFFINS.

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Devan said...

5 or 10 lbs is nothing!! I still have a little, or maybe a lot, more than that to lose. Not quite 30 lbs, but close enough that it's uncomfortable.