Saturday, May 06, 2006

Shark attack

AMP is kind of a wild eater. He has eased up a little bit, but he has moments where he lunges at me like a mako shark, banging his head on my breast, his mouth open, whipping his head back and forth like he's blind and can only find the nipple by sense of smell.

It's pretty cute.

He doesn't eat a lot after he goes down for the night. It's been that way since the day he was born, and I'm getting a little tired of waking in a puddle of my own making. My supply is starting to regulate, but even so, from time to time I am awakened by the tickle of a trickle of milk sliding down my side.

That isn't so cute.

I'd really like it if he would either get on with it and sleep the *whole* night through, or do me the favor of having a full goddamned meal when he does deign to awaken.

It's funny, and I know I've rambled about this before, but on some level you know your kids are different people, but it always comes as a surprise when they do something to remind you of that fact. F'rinstance, Perp *detested* the nuk. I spent my pregnancy ranting about 3 year olds with plugs in their faces, and how MY kids weren't going to be given artificial means of calming themselves, goddammit. Witness me two weeks after her birth, buying one of every fucking pacifier on the shelf, praying she'd take one, just one, please, anything for a break from the endless nursingnursingnursinggodmakeitstop.

AMP? He'll suck on anything. Give him a finger, a nipple, or, hey, a chin, whatever you have handy. He even goes for his own hand, and I can't WAIT until he can find it reliably and I can ditch the nuk.

He doesn't, however, seem willing to just nurse for comfort, and sometimes he doesn't want the nuk, either. That's when I really see the difference between the two. Aside from the penis, I mean. Perp's junk is neatly tucked away, like mine, which I think is a much better system, frankly. I mean, come on, how do men take themselves seriously with their tackle just hanging there like that?

Sometimes he is obviously distressed and needs comforting, but the nuk doesn't do it, he doesn't want to nurse, and I can't really find the right position to hold him in. V frustrating, really. He does like the swing, though, so at least we have a go-to if we need it.


Devan said...

Ah, the wild feeding frenzy. D had many months in that mode.
Bummer about the nighttime leakage. That sucks.

tracy said...

I've got one with a penis now and I feel bad that I chuckle every time I change his diaper. Haha, your junk fell out, you silly baby.

I <3 binkies.