Monday, November 06, 2006

Best Buy rant, the sequel

I. fucking hate. fucking Best Buy. I'm sure there's some reason for their policies on warrantee exchanges, but said policy means that on top of the several weeks they had our TiVo sitting on a counter in the back room, we have to wait for a new one to ship from wherever the hell it is that they keep them, because God forbid they actually STOCK their merchandise in a STORE.

AND! We have to return the old one! before they'll order the new one! So they let me bring the old one home, 'cause we figured we could at least watch tv through it and not have to suffer through the hideous ads (my God, watching regular tv is like going through an auto de fe after getting used to zipping through the ads). But no, they didn't tell us that they have to HAVE the old machine before they'll order the new one. So that's like another week down. AND? We can't replace it with the same unit because they don't make it anymore so we have to upgrade which is nice and all, but that means no more DVD burner. The suck!

Perp looked about ready to keel over this morning, then she got up from her nap and played with her balloon for an hour. Amazing. She has wicked snot voice but judging by her activity level since 2, she's on the upswing in a big way. I wish I could rebound like that, man.


Melissa said...

I get a headache the second I enter Best Buy. It is always loud and I can't find anything. I avoid it if I can.

gearhead mama said...

I won't shop at Best Buy. Their customer service SUCKS!