Friday, November 10, 2006

On freaking myself out

I'm starting to wig out. I am becoming this organized person, sort of, anyway. So I decided that in order to save myself from having to go to the store every day (or making Husband run an errand on the way home from work), I'd sort out the meals we generally eat and I'd make a list of ingredients we need to have on hand for said meals.

I'm about to make a spreadsheet.

Somebody stop me. I need help.


Kristin said...

M you crack me up. We just keep on hand beans, rice and tomatoes and we're good for a few oddball meals. Can I have a copy of said spreadsheet if/when it's done?

Hope you are feeling better, missing knitting this morning.

gearhead mama said...

When I was pregnant and unable to enter a grocery store for fear of puking my brains out, I started sending the husband to do the shopping. I got really tired of writing up a grocery list every week, so hit upon the brilliant idea of creating a list in my Palm Pilot of the items we usually keep on hand. He is just as capable as me of going down said list and checking off the things we're in need of (including soap, shampoo, etc.). Worked like a charm, and now that I'm doing the shopping again, I love having my list to refer to. So hey, you're not the only geek out there.