Friday, November 03, 2006

Hot child in the city

I generally go into Perp's room right before I go to bed, so I can fall asleep giggling. She'll be clutching a toy, or more often, a book, folded up into the corner of her bed. Last night she was fairly warm but I figured it was because Husband put her in her heavy sleeper jammies with a shirt on underneath. We have very different ideas of how to dress children for bed. So far I think he's winning. Damn it all.

This morning, Perp woke up with a decent fever. It was high enough to color her cheeks a merry febrile pink, and to leave her in a persistent whiny state which is just loads of fun for me. Here's to hoping that phase passes soon.

I'm debating calling the doc. I think I'll wait and see if the Tylen0l kicks in or not. She hit 100.4 in the axilla; I'm trying to find out how that rates on the great fever scale.

Don't imagine I'll get much writing done today.

102.3 at 5:30 Saturday night. Yowza. Axillary. That, then, translates to 103.3. Guess we're off to urgent care. Fie.


Devan said...

Dane's had 102 for nearly 3 days now. It goes down with Motrin and tehn back up when it wears off. The o so helpful nurse said that it was no big deal as long as he has no other symptoms, which he doesn't. Still - 3 days? (3 days of sleeping non stop ON me, crabby whiny toddler! Sure - no big deal - to HER!)
Hope she feels better soon.

Lindy said...

Yep, I was told not to worry unless a toddler/preschooler's fever hits 103/104. Nice, huh? The nurse didn't particularly care that I was DYING of the whining and clinging and not sleeping.

Hope she's feeling better soon!

Targetgirl said...

Well, mine isn't a toddler, but Logan has had a stomach bug for 6 days. I love him, but G*D the whineyness is driving me NUTS. Oh, and the puke too.

Hope P feels better in short order. And glad you are doing NaBloPoMo, I missed your blog...