Sunday, June 11, 2006

Aw, hell

One more cool site to suck up my time. At least with this one, I'll have something concrete to show for my time: graphs! I am such the geek that I'll totally be paying for this. If nothing else, it could help me figure out what Perp's eczema triggers are. And how often AMP poops, 'cause it's not frequent or regular, as far as I can tell.

Geek out.

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nessa said...

this REALLY appeals to me for the first few months of a baby's life... when everything is so crazy and you're trying to figure out your baby's deal. i used to keep a word file open on my computer and just added events as the day progressed - diaper changes; nursing sessions; naps... i evenutally deleted them. now i'm wishing i kept them.

however, i can see getting behind and then giving up inputting data. also, i was (am) a neurotic wreck when i'm tracking stuff. (like fertility, ahem, heh) i get so fixated on the numbers and data that i kind of neglect real-time life. when i stopped recording my baby's every move, i started feeling less crazy about newborn life. but, that is just me. i cannot be moderate on this issue. if i could simply use the trixietracker as a nice data tracking site, then that would be great. but i would probably get super obsessed.

my husband does NOT any more ammo in the "nessa's totally insane" arsenal.

but that said, that is TOTALLY cool site. lol