Thursday, June 29, 2006

Primary warning

The dude is asleep on the couch, cuddled up next to Husband who is in a poker tournament with Billy Burke even as I type. Billy Burke! At first, I thought he meant Billie Burke and was confused as to how he could be poking with a dead woman. Please to notice I pass on the obvious joke here. Man, I must be tired.

He (dude) is sleeping on his tummy again, but this time he's actually sleeping. Quietly. Cutely. So cutely, in fact that I commented that I might actually explode. Don't do that, Husband advised. Then he went all Cops on me:

"Put your ovaries down and back away from the baby."

But! He's got his butt in the air! His butt with a monkey on it! Monkey butt!

And despite all that, here's how lazy I am: I won't go to the garage to get the camera out of the car to snap a shot of it. I will, however, use the 'sposie camera we have and when (if) those are developed, I'll post it. ...there. Just snapped it for posterior. Er, posterity.

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