Thursday, June 01, 2006

'Fess up, internets.

Hey, Australia! how'd you find me? Canada, what's your story? London! I've got a reader in London! Or a passerby, I'm not sure, but still! London!

I'm curious to know about readers. I read a lot (LOT) of blogs and I sort of work my way around the world on a daily basis, South Africa, London, Scotland (I think), all over the US, Canada. Now it seems there are some internets out there who are doing the same thing and my little corner is one of their stops along the way.

So tell me about yourselves. Where are you from? How'd you come across my ranty little refrigerator-box clubhouse?

1 comment:

nessa said...

trying to fish out lurkers!!! sassy!!! hehe. well, you know how i found you and where i'm at...