Wednesday, June 14, 2006


We're working on teaching Perp some manners, so people don't make the (correct) assumption that she was raised by wolves. Heathen wolves. In a barn.

She's been pretty good at saying "please," since I started giving her just about anything she asked for if it was preceded by the magic word. Now I'm cutting back on it and making her work for her goodies. Not so popular with the ankle biting set, I must say.

She's fallen, lately, into the unfortunate habit of saying "yeah" whenever she answers in the affirmative. I decided it was time to step it up a notch and work on talkin' proper. Now when I ask her if she wants something I repeat the question until she answers, "Yes, pwease!"

Tonight, as with every night, Husband got her ready for bed. He put her on the potty and left her to do her business, as she prefers. She's a retiring lass who needs her privacy. Ha! See, right there? I made a funny.

She was off in the bathroom for a few minutes, then wandered back in the living room, congratulating herself on a job well done. Husband asked, "Are you ready for your pajamas and a dipey?"

"Yes, PWEASE!"

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