Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dear Google

I know that I jokingly mentioned that I must hate my kids because I dared to have a homebirth. And I know that you base your searches on some complicated hoodoo combo of science and witchcraft. But that person REPEATEDLY searching I HATE MY KIDS? please stop sending them here. It's freaking me out.

Other search phrases that freak me the fuck out (and not only because they led to my little corner of the 'net):

"stall next" peeing blog <--- did someone have a vague memory of reading my labor story or is this a fetish?

that monica sure do suck hard <--- I can't even imagine

But the kid-hating seach? Six times. It's popped up six times on my Site Meter referral listing. That's just tragic. Is it the same parent, searching over and over for something to either validate or condemn, or is it six actual people? Either way, searcher, please consider talking to someone about this, therapist, pastor, priest, rabbi, whatever. But this isn't the place to find your answers. I just shoot my mouth off a lot and happened to fall under your radar. Good luck.

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