Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Help a girl shop

I'm trying to find a lamp for Dude's room. Everytime a car goes by and the headlights shine onto his bedroom walls, he's just transfixed. So I want to get him a light that shines/projects moving shapes onto the walls or ceiling. I found ONE thing that may work but I don't know if it projects or just lights from within.

I used to have one of those aquarium lights, with two layers of plastic painted with fish on it, each layer moving at a different speed. It was nice but so fragile that the one time it fell off the table, it was kaput. So I don't want lots of moving pieces, just something where the shade does most of the heavy lifting, kwim?

Someone out there knows what I'm talking about. I hope you wander by.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Dude's cheeks are just about to hang down below his jawline. My own little Droopy Dog. Sometimes I think he's about to burst into tears, but he's not pouting; his cheeks have pushed his mouth into a permanent little moue of dismay. Permamoue. WHY do I always have to go back and re-spell permanent? You'd think by now I'd have it down. And yet.

Go read Finslippy. She's especially funny today.

TiVo update

I.HATE.BEST.BUY. They've had the TiVo for THREE WEEKS. They've known it wasn't fixable (it is, they just won't DO it) for TWO weeks. Hello, that item on the desk, that ... phone thing? USE IT, fucker.

In addition, since Humax doesn't make our unit anymore, we can't have it replaced. They will give us a new unit and a DVD burner, but I don't know if it's worth the hassle to have two more things that can (will) break on us. So I'm going to lobby for a new dual-tuner with a bigger drive. Then we can use the network to move shows to the laptop and burn those. I think.

Bah. I may still try to put a new drive in it and see if it works, which I'm fairly sure it will.

It's funny, before we had the service, we knew watching tv sucked, but we didn't realize it was because you couldn't pause, fast forward, and rewind the shows. Watching sans TiVo has sucked beyond measure. I want the busted one back just so we can stop the shows for potty breaks. I am become my own worst nightmare.


that is an emu in our driveway.

No. We do not own an emu. Anyone who says Wisconsin isn't an exotic wonderland can suck me sideways.

Apologies for my filthy windows.


Teeth and thrush!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Setting myself up for failure

I'm going to attempt to complete BOTH NaNoWriMo and NaNoPoMo this year. Being one who prefers to fail in spectacular manner, I figure this is the best way to accomplish my goal.

So, ideally, you'll see me about every day for THIRTY.WHOLE.DAYS. AND! I'm totally insane and have signed up for Fly Lady. Which I hate. But dammit if my house isn't cleaner.

So. Yeah. Now that I've put my mental illness on display, I'm off for some snax.

This just in

Cedric the Entertainer v funny. As if you didn't know that, but still. It's official here at Chez Smack, in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yeah, I know

I'm a slacker. But my house is cleaner! We head to Las Vegas Friday (drive to the Twin Shitties Thursday night) so I'll be gone (again) for a few days. But I'll have fun for you!

Crap I totally spaced on the last episode of Jericho. Our TiVo is on the fritz and uber geeks have it so they can pretend to fix it but I don't see them sending it back in working condition. That means I'll probably have to try fixing it myself and I cannot tell you how much that pisses me off, given that we paid for the fucking extended warrantee. But since they don't make the Humax DVD-R anymore, they can't replace it with an equal unit, at least in my opinion. So. If you've ever replaced the drive in your TiVo, let me know how it went. I'm pretty sure that's what the problem is.