Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ah, but then I remembered

and posted before midnight. Because seriously? If I spaced out this early? You'd just have to hunt me down and shoot me.

I am Organizing Things. Photos, music, files, music files, whatever. All in a-soon-to-be-successful attempt to avoid sleeping because hey, Dude's just going to wake up at midnight anyway and what's the point of two hours' sleep, really? Really.

I'm deleting all the duplicate songs in iTunes (WHY can't they make that easier?), adding new music (thereby fueling my mad crush on Jonathan Coulton, despite the face hair, ew, seriously dude, rethink that), and wondering why I didn't know about John Hodgman before he was on The Daily Show (which I haven't watched in ages, I therefore hang my head in shame).

I know I'm missing out on some Very Funny People. Who are they? That's one of the things about having kids: you're too goddamned tired to read or watch shows that introduce you to the things that will make you happy, so you have to just find your amusement at home. Luckily toddlers provide heaps and scads, but it ain't exactly brain food.

I need a brain snack. I'm reading Spin based on ... someone's recommendation ... and it really is very good. It's going to take me a week of Sundays to finish it but the library is nice about renewing so yay me. I'm also reading Eldest by that rich kid Paolini. Not bad; he's got a lot of potential, but seriously? Step away from the thesaurus. You've got a sickness. A disease. A condition of some sort. Ailment. Disorder, malady, deblity, decrepitude. You know, infirmity. Tell the story and let your editor deal with the rest, huh? Because really, there's a definite tinge of purple to the whole thing.

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