Friday, December 29, 2006

Johnny Drama: VICTORY!!!

Ahhh. Please note the snow outside in one of the photos. Great baking weather, I say. Thanks, Ma Nature!

I just happen to have some pâté in the fridge, which I plan on schmearing all over a slice of tasty, tasty sourdough. Mmm. Pâté. Mmmm, sourdough. Eeew, snow.

I nearly ate it coming home from Dude's doctor appointment today. We live several miles off of a small highway, and when I turned off the main road onto the county road, I slid sideways toward some very nervous people going in the opposite direction. Let me add that I had slowed waaaay down and even downshifted to second, but there was just no way that corner and I were going to see things eye to eye. Yay me, though, I steered my way out of it and didn't really get much closer than about 8 feet from the nearest car. Still, more excitement than I really signed up for today. I wish I'd been able to see the other drivers' faces.

People around here--well, probably all over the country but I notice it more here because, well, I live here--drive like TOTAL ASSHOLES. It's compounded when we have weather (Midwesternese for rain, snow, sleet, heat, whatever isn't generally sunny and warm). The county road hadn't yet been plowed when I left this morning, and only part of it had when I came back (notably, the spot where I slid out had not been plowed or salted yet). That doesn't stop hotrod dickweeds from hauling ass up and down the main and side roads like they own the place. Of course, they have FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE, so they can do whatever they want, nothing's gonna happen to them.

Kids, the only thing four-wheel drive is good for is getting you stuck in a deeper ditch. You drive fast in snow or rain and sooner or later you're gonna to bite it. On a good day, you'll only harm yourself. On a bad one ... well. I hope I'm not around to see it.

In a couple of weeks, if the snow sticks around, people will access their snowy-weather driving files and things should get better. In the meantime, I'm going to assume that everyone is out to get me.

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floreksa said...

Ugh! Happy to hear that you were able to gain control.

We STILL haven't seen a single snowflake, so I'm dreading the 1st one. I swear people completely forget how to drive in the snow.