Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dude overboard!

... yeaaaah, so I guess we've got a climber. Husband went in to get Dude for his early (now 3:30 a.m.) feeding and couldn't quite figure out why the door was so hard to open. Um. Probably the baby lying in front of it. I guess we have to put the side rail all the way up now. Perp never ever tried climbing out of the crib. In fact, she's only recently started trying to climb into it.

We have spent the last couple of days gearing up for Christmas, unlike, say, 90% of the rest of the country, who are heathens and prepare weeks ahead of time. Explaining Santa Claus and Christmas to a child is hard. I don't remember ever being told about it, it was always just there. But clearly I was told, right, because I was an only child and I knew all about Santa. So. How to explain fat man sneaking into house to eat snax and deposit gifts? And reindeer. Who fly. It's a little weird. Do you make a point of explaining all this or just sort of let them absorb it by osmosis? She's not around a lot of other little kids at this point so it was us or nothing. Maybe one crazyass day of giftiness will drive the point home and we can move on.

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