Thursday, December 21, 2006

Special for Ben

3 lb. fresh mushrooms
2 oz dried wild mushrooms
1/2 c madeira or dry sherry
1 stick butter
1 c onion finely chopped
1 t dried thyme
pinch of grated nutmeg
salt, freshly ground black pepper
1/2 c finely chopped parsley.

Pour the madeira over the dried mushrooms and let them soak until soft, probably around an hour.

Clean the fresh mushrooms and remove the woody stems. Mince them (I use the food processor, so much faster).

Melt butter and add onions, cook over low until tender, about 25 minutes. Then add fresh mushrooms to the pan and increase heat, stirring, until they give up their juices, around 5 minutes. Add the dried spices to taste.

While the mushrooms cook, transfer the dried mushrooms to the food processor and carefully pour the madeira over them, being careful to not add the sediment at the bottom (sometimes it has sand, ew). Puress until smooth and add to the rest of the mushrooms in the pan. Reduce heat and cook until the duxelles is reduced and thickened, about 40 mintues. Near the end, it dries up fast, so stir constantly to prevent scorching.

Heat stock (chicken or veg). Add a good cup of duxelles for every 32 oz of broth. Thicken with roux or cornstarch (use milk to blend either thickener). Add 1/2 cream to the whole shebang, and s&p to taste. If you're feeling especially frisky, poach a chicken chest or two and add them to the soup in largish chunks.

That's it!

Ooh, special WI weather bulletin: snow and freezing rain pushing into our area! Maybe we get a white Christmas after all.

Someone remind me that I have got to go see this before it is removed. How cool!

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