Sunday, December 03, 2006

Heaving a sigh of relief

Our phone and DSL were out from sometime yesterday evening to this afternoon. Imagine my building rage at the prospect of crapping out on Holidailies Day 3. But woohoo, here we are back in bidness.

How many of you have gotten sucked into digital scrapbooking? I haven't even done any layouts yet but the opportunity to sniff around the web to find free files is stragely addicting. If I ever figure Photoshop Elements out, I'll post picture of the kids.

OT: what the FUCK is up with dress shorts? NO. Nonononononononononononono. NOOOoooooo! I don't care whose label, what length, what fabric, SHORTS ARE NOT FOR FORMAL OCCASIONS. Hell, they're not for semi-formal. Beach. Garden. Hiking. Fine. Clubbing. Dinner. Meeting. WTF? NO!

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