Monday, December 04, 2006

Dream a little dream of me

I've been having those dreams again. You know the one. You're tooling along, doing your normal everyday thing, when you suddenly realize that you haven't ever gone to that one class you registered for and tomorrow is the final. Even worse, they've moved to another room so the registration papers you managed to root out of your long-neglected bookbag do fuck all for you. All your other classes? Covered. You've been there every day, minus that long weekend in Vegas (mmmm, Lotus of Siam), you're totally on top of it. You're a freaking star!

How did you manage to forget an entire class? It's essential to your major, you can't graduate without it, yet you've managed to let it evaporate entirely.


It's almost always a science class. Chemistry and some kind of biology are the ones, generally; once in a while it's math but that's probably because I didn't take many math classes.

It's probably stress but I don't think I'm under any more than normal, just the everyday got-a-toddler-and-an-infant kind. But something must be up, because I only have these dreams once or twice a year.

I'm sorry, there's not much I find more boring than listening to someone else's dreams, but hey, this is my turf and I get to pee in all the corners if I want to.

If it turns out lie the last one, I'm going to post a pic of the most gorgeous sourdough boule. Stay tuned for details.


Kristin said...

Hey....if you want and it would make you feel better: you could enroll in my online geology course next semester and then drop it the day after the deadline for course cancellations (before the first day of class). I get enrollment, you get your science class :P

Northwoods Baby said...

Do I get an A?

Devan said...

heh, I thought I was the only one that had that dream. Mine is nearly exactly like that except that it's ALWAYS math and ALWAYS taught by my geometry teacher from High School.

gearhead mama said...

I always had a dream that I went to take the final the day AFTER it happened. And then it happened to me in real life. Except I was there a day early. Whew.

Leigh said...

I have similiar dreams where I end up back in high school because I'm missing a class and I am flabbergasted and embarrased! I don't recognize any of the kids, I'm so old, and I can never open my locker. Argh!

jen said...

that wasn't a dream, I actually DID that once.