Monday, November 03, 2008

Conservation of mess

If you took chemistry in HS or college, you probably remember the concept of conservation of mass. I now posit there is a corollary: despite how much you clean, purge, declutter, and generally empty a space, children will achieve Conservation of Mess. I cleaned most of the downstairs today and a good portion of the upstairs. To compensate for this loss of mess, the kids managed, in the space of about 45 nanoseconds, to trash several previously cleaned spots.

What. the fuck?

OT: Dude just peed standing up and said, "It's a good thing when I pee potty. Rock on!"

OT2: I contemplated washing the kitchen floors today. No, not mopping. Washing. On my hands and knees. Perhaps I nest?


Kristin said...

1. Mess is not actually conserved, it reproduces.
2. the back door is always open should you want to mop/wash/clean my kitchen floor.
3. I wouldn't get too excited. I mean should your dh cancel all his appointments at work for the next day then for sure smacky3 won't arrive until sometime next month.

Wednesday is dd1's bday, saturday is dh''s birthday season around these parts.

T- said...

I totally feel your pain re:the mess.

And yes, sounds like you are nesting!

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