Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Knitting Olympics

They started last Friday! Unfortunately, I miscalculated and it's at 7 AM, not a lovely and civilized 7 PM. Ah well.

My choice for this year's competition: Phazelia's Ribboned Baby Jacket. Yum.

I'm wrestling with myself over whether to stasbust or take advantage of the 20% discount at my LYS. I know what most of you would say, but I think, given the GORGEOUS marino fingering I got at a local show this summer... well. Smaller stash equals more room to cram something new, right?

eta: I'm just at the neck section now and it's going quite well. Kiss of death to say that, but whatever.

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d e v a n said...

That is beautiful! I didn't understand half the words in your post. hah