Sunday, August 17, 2008

Very satisfying

I whipped up three batches of blueberry muffins that I'm putting into the freezer against the fall and winter. I usually just freeze the batter in trays, bag the nuggets up, and then bake them as I need them. You don't miss out on crunchy muffin tops that way. <---- clever!

I also got a copy of Fix, Freeze, Feast and put 9 bags in the basement. It took about 4 hours, but I was wrangling kids. Solito, you could crank them out in about an hour, I think. It's basically the same thing you do at Super Suppers or Meal Time, but you do all the prep and shopping yourself. I don't mind the shopping or the prep, so it works out well.

A few friends and I are trying to make a date to whip up a few more meals and share them. So far I can tell you that Swimming Rama is tasty, though I added a lot of ginger and a few tablespoons of peanut butter to the sauce. It really makes a difference. Sweet Asian chicken was a hit, too, but again, ginger, and if I knew the kids weren't going to partake, I'd add the pepper the recipe calls for. The honey-glazed chicken thighs are okay, but I don't think I'll repeat that one.

I also plan on putting a shepherd's pie away (LAMB! not beef!). I could eat that just about every damn day.

I lovelovelove having a ton of food already set up and just needing heat to make it into dinner. My favorite thing about this book (and the meal prep places) is that you don't have to prep, COOK, and freeze. You just put it away raw and cook it when you want it. I think that's the secret to freezing a lot of meat dishes, frankly. But I'm making that up as I write it, so feel free to disagree.

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