Thursday, June 25, 2009

Peaceable kingdom

Thanksgiving dinner takes a break from pooping in my car. Time for a nap!

Marley is a Lincoln/Wensleydale ram, about 5 years old. He's pretty wild but took some sheep treats out of my hand today. I feel like a winnah!

Rosencrantz rules the roost.

Guildenstern is without question second banana in this production.

Unnamed ewe. She's the mother in this pair. Given her Siamese-like color points, I'm tempted to call her Anna (that may be a somewhat obscure Hollywood musical reference unless you're my age or older but I really hope not). Husband would like to call her Eff. Eff ewe! You can see her (also unnamed) daughter behind Marley in the first shot.


Laura said...

I am falling over laughing at the roosters named Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. BRILLIANT!!!

Northwoods Baby said...

Thanks! I started out doing it because they look a lot alike but for their combs. Rosencrantz, of course, has the rose comb. But after I watched them for a while, it really seemed to fit.

Omelay said...

you asked about our chicken tractor wheels. the wheels are only on the tractor when moving it. if that answers your question.

Omelay said...

btw where is hamlet?

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