Saturday, July 11, 2009


I've been running around ALL DAY with my shirt inside out. I can only assume no one else noticed it, because I sure as hell didn't have it pointed out to me at any time in the last 13 hours.

On the plus side: Cinnamon Rice Chex. Dangerous.


Lost City Denise said...

Hi CMonkey! I'm trying to reach Meg about the Traveling Shawl. Can you email me please! It's urgent!


Lost City Denise said...

CMonkey -

After being stitched on by knitters in 48 states the Traveling Shawl went AWAL when it was received (according to USPS tracking) on July 8 in MN. If Meg has forwarded the shawl to you, the 50th knitter, we really need to know. So many people have worked to make this shawl, which raises funds for Komen Breast Cancer Research, a possibility.

I'm disappointed that it is now missing.

PLEASE contact me. My email is in a previous comment or you can reach me from my blog profile page. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.